TARC’s tiny-k continues to accept new referrals.

We are dedicated to providing quality early intervention services to you and your family. Are you wondering if you should call TARC to advocate for your child, if you have questions like: 

  • Should my child be walking? 
  • Should my child be using more words? 
  • Should my child say “mama” and “dada”? 
  • Why doesn’t my child sleep at night? 
  • Why won’t my child eat table foods? 
  • Why doesn’t my child play like other kids? 

 It might be time to see if an evaluation is appropriate for your child. It’s important to call sooner rather than later, each day in a child’s life is important and the early we work together, the better the outcome.  

Please call 785.232.0597 and ask for a tiny-k evaluation.