Have the tools to network with you at all times. These include an informative name badge, business cards, literature about your business, and a pocket-sized business card file or easy access to the contact details of other professionals whom you can refer. Whilst you may disagree about the need for literature, professional looking name badges are inexpensive and money well spent. You might want to find someone who can make you a metal badge that attaches to your clothes with a magnet rather than a pin. Big letters, not too big, nice color, maybe even your company logo. And then, you are prepared for any meeting. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has turned up to a meeting where some (or all!) of the following apply;
  • Name spelled wrong
  • Wrong Company
  • Wrong Business Category
  • Barely legible hand written stickers that don’t really stick
Do this and you will often be the only one with a professional looking badge, but will it make a difference? Try it, you will be surprised that it can be very thing that starts that all important conversation……