TARC Day Services receives grant for Health Eating

TARC Day Services receives grant for Health Eating

TARC’s Healthy eating Grant

TARC’s Day Services awarded grant for healthy eating education program.

TARC will begin teaching the “Beginners Guide to Clean Eating” in our Day Services Program. Stormont Vail Foundation presented TARC’s Day Services with a grant of $1,500 to purchase the curriculum for the clean eating program.

“We are very excited to begin our clean eating curriculum,” said Cassandra Phillips, education coordinator TARC’s Day Services. “Learning to make healthy food choices empowers persons supported to be able to make decisions that will help them develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

The bi-monthly class will teach participants skills, techniques and the concepts of clean eating. For six months the 15 participants will attend classes at TARC and will learn about a variety of topics including: how to cut out sugar, go green, keeping it clean when eating out, eat the rainbow, grocery store tricks and how to read nutritional labels.

“People supported who choose to attend our ‘Beginner’s Guide to Clean Eating Class’ will learn valuable life skills to improve and maintain their health how they choose to,” said Phillips. “The class is offered at no cost to our Day Services Participant they only have to commit to attending class twice a month for six months.”

TARC’s Day Services program offers a variety of life skills and enrichment classes including cooking, gardening and art class. Programs offered in TARC’s day services are aimed to help participants gain their independence and grow their confidence. 

“Our cooking classes are really important to participants. They enjoy being able to have an active role in what they’re making here, and they can take those skills to their homes.” said Phillips. “We had an individual learn how to make a hard-boiled egg in our cooking class and she took the skill home and made herself hard-boiled eggs without assistance.”