Cooking Class – Making Meals for Everyone!

Cooking Class – Making Meals for Everyone!

Cooking Class – Preparing meals for everyone

Participants in TARC’s Day Services are able to participate in Cooking Class weekly. In our cooking class we focus on learning how to cook and prepare healthy meals while learning new skills to help persons supported gain independence. Recently, we had a group of cooking class participants responsible for all aspects of meal. Those who participated in cooking were able to plan the meal and go shop for food on a budget. After shopping and budgeting, persons prepared the meal!

While planning the menu for the luncheon, persons participating kept in mind healthy options and prepared a delicious lunch for everyone to enjoy.  This was the first luncheon was a big success and persons supported are looking forward to participating in this activity in the future.

Persons supported seemed to really enjoy the baked potato bar and we plan to continue these free monthly luncheons until early fall when we have our Free Friday Cookouts!