TARC Industries – Supporting Local Business

TARC Industries – Supporting Local Business

Supporting ability and the local business community

Packaging at TARC Industries to complete a contractTARC Industries provides job opportunities and work related experience to persons with developmental and intellectual disabilities. TARC Industries offers four lines of business that provide a variety of work skill training for those we serve. Our four internally controlled lines of business are:

Our  production line of business is familiar with industry standards for packing and labeling and is committed to meeting customers’ expectations and deadlines. In 2016, TARC Industries provided more than 60,000 hours of paid employment training and completed XX contracts for our production customers, also including business training and investment using an online trading platform and more. 

The Home Baking Association appreciates the opportunity to work with TARC to prepare and ship baking resource packets nationwide for educators.  We look forward to continuing our partnership with TARC as we fulfill our mission to provide resources for educators to teach baking!
Charlene Patton

Executive Director, Home Baking Association

TARC Industries offers:

  •     Component assembly and packaging
  •     Bagging and sealing small parts
  •     Bar code labeling and packaging to meet USPS guidelines
  •     Re-stacking of pallets to meet USPS standards
  •     Quality packaging to ensure safe delivery
  •     Local delivery and pick-up available
  •     Dedicated workforce and staff
  •     We are able to shrink-wrap, label, paper-tape, and much more!

For more information, please contact

Betsy Gerhardt

TARC Industires Procurement Manager

785.266.2323 |[email protected]