Employment Services – Community Partnerships

Employment Services – Community Partnerships

TARC Industries & Employment Services is committed to providing skill development, job support and competitive employment in integrated settings with ongoing support tailored to each individual’s skills and desires.


An enclave is a contracted training work site, often employing multiple people, working together as a team. These sites are used for assessment and skill development. Wages are paid to the employees by TARC.

We are committed to success:

  • We provide disability training and information to local businesses by request
  • We offer a variety of contractual services and have skilled candidates available for direct hire
  • We provide free assessment and customized price quote for enclaves (employment contracts)
  • TARC Employment Associates provide on the job coaching & mentoring, reducing overall training time for your company
  • TARC Employment Coordinators provide follow up supports to ensure the ongoing success of the employment relationship
  • Employer/employee mediation services available

I highly encourage any organization to open your doors and hearts by hiring an individual from TARC to be a part of your team. Carl is a valued and integral part of our team at the American Red Cross. The rewards we receive from our partnership with Carl far exceed the contribution he makes to our organization each week. Through our support of TARC and Carl, he is able to make an important and meaningful impact in the community every day. His job coaches make it so easy for him to be successful and make a difference. We can’t imagine our team without him!”

Jane Blocher

Executive Director, Kansas/Nebraska Region , American Red Cross

Use a TARC Enclave at your business today!
If you’re interested in using TARC Industries & Employment Services, please contact:

Marty Winans, Employment Program Coordinator
[email protected] or Call: 785–266–2323

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