Feeding Clinic – KaAnn’s Story

Feeding Clinic – KaAnn’s Story

TARC’s Feeding Clinic – providing excellent service and supports to children and adults struggling with feeding

Listening to community concerns, TARC opened the doors of our feeding clinic the fall of 2013. A community plea for resources and supports for feeding issues for children over the age of three and adults resulted in TARC opening our unique feeding clinic with our interdisciplinary team. Our Feeding Clinic Team provides specialized evaluations and therapy for those with feeding and swallowing issues.

Our clinic focuses on the traditionally under-served populations of adults with intellectual disabilities and children over the age of three who struggle with eating and drinking. With over 55 years of experience, our interdisciplinary team is dedicated to providing excellent services and supports to those who struggle with feeding.

Meet KaAnn

Feeding Clinic Success Story

KaAnn entered the doors of our feeding clinic three months ago and has made significant strides in her progress. When we first met KaAnn she relied on a feeding tube and puree stage one baby food for nutrition. After 12 therapy sessions in the feeding clinic, she has made great strides in her progress.

Since coming to the feeding clinic KaAnn has made great strides – she and her family even went to Red Robin to enjoy a hamburger together! Dinners used to take hours for KaAnn and she had to be reminded to swallow, now she is able to keep up with the rest of her siblings and finish dinner in about a half an hour!

After 12 hours of therapy, KaAnn’s personality has come alive and she is now eating a well balanced diet of regular foods and her areas of development are taking off. KaAnn’s G-Tube, which she has had since birth, was removed in April and is progressing toward removing her trach as soon as this fall. KaAnn will soon be entering pre-school able to eat with her classmates and enjoy life as a five year old.